Bloody Good Files

This is actually a redo of the old files page since it got nuked sometime in the past. If there's something you want to see on the page, let me know.


Blood loader utility  

This is a front-end for most of the Blood console commands.


This is a 3d voxel viewer. Voxels are volumetric pixels, used by Shadow warrior and Blood. They're what models would have been if we never would have thought up 3d hardware.

All the tools made by Re-Build  

This is a comprehensive set of tools designed before QBlood was started. Includes utilities to manipulate art, rff, sfx, raw, etc format files.

Timothy's Cryptic Passage workaround  

This includes the cryptic and cpmulti executable. Both these programs come with source code (not really much to look at) and both can take command line arguments. As a side note- the original Cryptic Passage executables were incapable of passing arguments to blood.

Cryptic Passage Patch  

This is the official patch from sunstorm. 

Turbo Pascal Fix Program (For Cryptic Passage)  

This will allow programs compiled with Turbo Pascal to run on computers with clock speeds higher than 233mhz. 

Monolith's Blood Editing Suite  

This contains Mapedit, Artedit, Editart, Barf, and Build2Blood. Happy editing!

Source Code

The source code for Slab6d  

This is the source code for the voxel viewing program.

The Build Engine Source (Original release)  

This is the original release from Ken Silverman. Many thanks to Ken!

The Build Engine Source (Ryan Gordon's 23 August 2001 release)  

This is the modified release from Ryan Gordon. Many thanks to Ryan for his hard work on Build


Bodies for Quake 2  

This is a remake of the classic "bodies" Blood 1 map for Quake 2

Gods is likely the most sought after mission pack for Blood ever, and with good reason. Check it out to see why. You won't be disappointed.
A Gods2 for Blood2 is languishing in development Hell right now.

Hostile Takeover  

A set of maps made by Bloatoid.

Inherit The Earth  

Another set of maps by Mr. Bloatoid.

Journey Into Ravenloft:
This is a once-lost map pack by the master of Blood map editing, Micheal Shire. Shire wrote the famous Map Editing Suite that so many of you used to teach yourself map editing. The site is thought by some to be lost, (including myself until recently) but it is in fact located right here at Click here to see it.Download Journey Into Ravenloft from this site or from the Mapedit site.

User Maps Archive  

All the user made maps I could find on the web.


Arjan's 3dfx batch file

This is a tweak to get the blood 3dfx patch to work on the voodoo 2 video cards from what I understand. The Blood 3dfx patch only was in the alpha stage (barely done) and only worked on the voodoo 1 hardware. 

The Blood Midis  

This was a high request item, so here it is!

Complete Blood sounds list  

This is a complete listing of the Blood sounds.

The Blood palette  

This is the blood palette that gets used used in art file extraction, creation, etc.

Internet Commit Driver  

This allows you to play popular build engine games via a friendly interface.