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Planet Blood [also known as Blood2.Com]
PlanetBlood is the host of this site, as well as the Blood/Blood2 fan's one stop shopping.
If you're looking for something "Blood"-y, then start here.

The Official Blood Site
The Official Blood Site. Some interesting things about the game, screenshots, and more.
You can download the demo here, which contains a full episode - 7 horrific levels, plus 1 secret level!

The Official Blood Forum
Join in on discussions about everything Blood... and quite often, alot more. Get technical help, find out what's new in the community, and meet some of the most devoted fans of the game that you will ever encounter. They may be a little... err... strange... but their hearts are in the right places.

The Blood Pool
A web-ring of Blood sites by fans of the game. Get levels, cheats, walkthroughs and more.
You can also add your own site to the list!

The Ultimate Blood Mapedit Suite
This is the ONE and ONLY. Most mapmakers consider this the Bible of Blood Mapping. I thought it was long gone, but apparently someone at PlanetBlood saw fit to make it a part of their evergrowing Blood resources. If you want to learn to use Mapedit, start here and you can't go wrong. It even contains a complete listing of all the sounds in the game so that you can get the ambience down for your latest creation.

Control-Z's Blood Site
One of the best fan sites, as well as one of the earliest. No longer updated, it stands as a resource for everything Blood-y. Get the cheats, the walkthroughs, as well as tutorials on Mapedit and Artedit and some great utilities.

The Official Blood 2 Site
The Official Blood 2 Site. The usual from an official site; storyline, screenshots etc.
Get the 2-level demo here.

To talk to someone about releasing the Blood source code, send a NICE email to Tom Richardson.
He is the product press guy who is our man on the inside at Infogrames Inc.
Emails that are nasty, whiny or otherwise unintelligent, will be ignored.
Actually, this rule applies to all people you email 8]~

Infogrames Inc.
This company owns Blood and of course, the source code.
They absorbed GT Interactive Inc. in 1999 and got their catalogue of games with the deal.

Ken Silverman's Official Homepage
This is the guy that created the BUILD engine from whence Blood was born.
On the first day of summer 1999, he released the source code to his engine. We like Ken.
If you want to work with the BUILD engine source, he has an FAQ at the site.

Monolith Productions
This is the company that designed and created Blood. They don't own the game and never did.
GT Interactive was the owner until they merged with Infogrames.
Monolith are a really cool company of "gamers making games for gamers".

Sunstorm Interactive
Sunstorm created the authorized add-on pack Cryptic Passage. Get the demo here, as well as the two patches that will bring you up to the final version of CP.


The ReBUILD Project (Windows)
Currently in development. Tim Hale and Mathieu Olivier are doing a fine job of creating Windows versions of the Blood editing tools and other utilities. Check out the site for some early versions that are available for download.

Icculus' BUILD Engine Porting Project (Linux)
This project is now finished. I believe this means you can now make a BUILD game for Linux from scratch. Until the game sources are released, however, the utilities won't be useful for casually editing Blood or Duke3D etc. From a few guys who work for Loki Entertainment Software, a company that ports popular Win32 games over to Linux.

Here, you will find "mission packs" or "add-ons" for Blood that are mostly made by fans.
These are not supported or endorsed by Infogrames or Monolith, unless otherwise noted.

Cryptic Passage - official
Stunning level design oozes from this authorized addon from Sunstorm Interactive and WizardWorks. Check out the site for a small demo and some sweet looking screenshots. There is a link there for the much-sought-after patches as well.
Here are some links to important CP sites:
Official WizardWorks/Infogrames support page for CP Get the patches here.

The Plasma Pak - official
Lots more levels, new enemies (not THAT new really - mostly just variations on cultists) and new tricks for some of the weapons. This is the only "official" add-on and was done by the original developers from Monolith Productions.

Bloodlines TC
This was once the most ambitious project in the whole Blood community.
Alas, it appears it will never be finished.
There are several top-notch levels available for download, as well as some "outtake" levels that were discarded during development.

The 13th Realm
Currently in development. Lots of new levels and music.
The fella wants to sell it on CD for $15.50, so it should be pretty good

Nailers Blood Page
A legacy page, lots of maps. Several neet-o levels are available at this site, but the real star of the show is 'Caleb's Revenge'.
In it, you will explore a battle-ravaged village and a nasty forest.