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Tuesday, November 6, 2001

    In case you hadn't noticed, the "Blood Source Release Campaign" has pretty much died.  There.  I said it.
    Frightfan passed the job of maintaining the pages to me, and I plan on keeping things the way they are until planetblood shuts down.  The issue now is qBlood.  The qBlood project should have started a lot sooner but it's growing exponentially.  Jason Hall is on our side, and has blessed qBlood.  Infogrammes has been oblivious to Bloods existance, so qBlood continues.
    So what now for the
"Blood Source Release Campaign" ?  I think I'm going to slowly start integrating some blood stuff like maps and reviews in.  I'll try my hand at programming a map converter, even though I'm a medicore C coder at this point.
    As far as a geniune source code release goes: I don't think it's going to happen at this point unless someone pays the legal fees to make it happen.  I'll inquire at Infogrammes about the topic, but another alternative IS out there.
    I once thought Duke3d would save Blood, and it still might.  Icculus of Lokigames (Win32-> Linux port team) has mentioned that Duke3d will eventually get a clean (closed source) re-release with the enhanced build engine, featuring 100% bug free sound code.  After learning of this I inquired how far Icculus wanted to take Duke3d.  Of course he wants to put it on Linux, but Infogrammes won't allow that yet.  OpenGL & TCP/IP are on his to-do list.
    What does this have to do with Blood you ask?  Well, if Icculus can persuade Infogrammes into a closed source re-release of Blood, we might be in business!  This is mainly speculative, but I don't want folks to totally lose hope for Blood.
    For the future- I'll try to help qBlood by making a better converter for all the maps, but time is hard to find these days.  All the maps have been converted to quake/quake2/half-life editable format already, but the tile naming convention the converter is lame.  Also the maps have way too many faces.  Alastair has been nice enough to start tinkering with E1M1, and his work looks good thus far.  Screen shots are forthcoming...

Sunday, July 8, 2001
QBlood gets hosted!

QBlood and it's respective forum are now officially hosted by PlanetBlood. 

The QBlood Project

The QBlood Forum

Sunday, April 1, 2001
Infogrames Loses Blood Game Source In Act of Terrorism

In an show of force unheard of in the PC gaming industry, Monolith Productions' CEO Jason Hall, with the help of a secret terrorist organization known only as "The Cabal", stormed the Infogrames compound in Spokane WA in an effort to gain a much sought after prize - the source code to BLOOD, the FPS shooter that put Monolith on the map.

In a communique to his soldiers, Hall said the injustice that his company's creation has suffered by not having it's source code released is unforgiveable. Not only would he see the BLOOD source code given to Lt. Greg "frightfan" Enright to be released publicly from the internet, but he intends to "punish Infogrames for their insolence in assuming that they own something as ethereal as the power of such a marvelous wonder of gaming as Blood."

The soldiers took the source by force from the nigh-impregnable fortress and are currently thought to be hiding out in the Redmond WA area.

When asked for a reaction, Infogrames spokesman Tom Richardson said:
"We didn't want it anyway. It frightened us, frankly. We are glad to be rid of its evil influence."

Tuesday, February 27, 2001 - If you haven't been watching the forum lately, you've really been missing out on some good stuff! We're still trying to get the blood source from Infogrames, but the consensus has been to do a reverse engineering project based on the quake engine. We once thought the Duke Nukem community could be our savior, but it seems the quake community is thirsty for blood! Jason Hall has no qualms about the project, and it seems Infogrames is oblivious that they even own blood. SO... game on!

On a another note, I found out that Game basement is actually running some tracks from the blood soundtrack in their play list. If anyone is interested in seeing some blood mp3's on the site, let tim know. 

Thursday, February 08, 2001 11:26:31 - Perhaps a transcript is the best way to announce this, so here it is:
From: "Frightfan"
To: "Timothy Hale"
Sent: Wednesday, February 07, 2001 4:01 PM
Subject: How would you like to be me?

> I have precious little time these days and this hobby of mine, The Blood
> Source Release Campaign is going nowhere fast. I have decided to hand over
> the crown. Interested?
> I won't disappear altogether, but I can't accept the responsibilities of
> maintaining this campaign any longer. My website design has caught some eyes
> lately and I am actually making a go of it.
> It's down to 3 people: You, (left out), and (left out). The other two
> have some fantastic websites under their belt already, but I thought it best
> to ask you first - it's yours if you want it.
> Have a look at my HTML sources and see if you can make it work. The other
> two are far too busy with their own hobbies I think to take this on, but if
> it's too much for you I will ask them.
> Lemme know.
> Signing off (youre the first to hear of this)
> -Greg "frightfan" Enright

From: "Timothy Hale"
To: "Frightfan"
Sent: Wednesday, February 07, 2001 4:35 PM
Subject: How would you like to be me?

I most humbly accept, as I have a friend who's into html and what not. We wanted to make a very good page about blood for sometime, but now it'll be more or less updating yours. I can dig it, because I'll probably sneak the re-build stuff in their. I know html ok, I know better of what it's capable of.
It's kinda sad to hear that you're giving up hope, but I can't disagree. I'll sign up for at least until March 2002, after that I'll be at home trying to go to college full-time. I'll see how it works out, but for now I'll do everything I can to hook the old game up.


This is not a drill. Frightfan has left the building.
The campaign was fun, but now business must come before pleasure.
Thursday, January 04, 2001 21:07:10 - Just saw at Planetblood.com that there is a new Blood 2 mod available called " Festival of Blood ". Why would I want to exalt a Blood 2 mod at this Blood 1 site? Because FOB is a tribute to Blood 1 in the form of a Total Conversion. It alters the weapons to feel like the old Blood weps and contains conversions of several Blood 1 Bloodbath levels using the original textures! Check it out NOW !
Wednesday, January 03, 2001 14:48:53 - Well, Happy 2001 everybody!! It's another year for the campaign, which was started in the summer of 1999.
I hope you all had a great holiday - some of you may still be on one at this time!
Well, with the new year, I decided to make some updates to the site. Those of you that are regulars have noticed the new look for the site. Do you like it? It should now be compatible with ALL browsers that support Cascading Style Sheets, although I myself use only MSIE5.0. I have changed alot of the pages to give the site a quickloading, uniform look. Even the Forum is undergoing a facelift right now. I will be deleting the old posts from last year within the week because they don't appear correctly under the new format.
Also, I have fixed a mistake I made regarding Mitcho's Ultimate Blood Map Editing Suite. The site DOES still exist - and it's here at PlanetBlood.com. Just check out http://www.planetblood.com/mapedit/ for the new location. You can use the online tutorials or download the full set in MSWord format. Also available at the same location is Mitchco's map-pack "Journey Into Ravenloft", which is mirrored on this site as well.
Keep the cause alive in 2001!!
Wednesday, December 27, 2000 16:20:23 - Uploaded some new files:
  • 2 Cryptic Passage patches
  • a new map conversion - this time for Blood!
  • iC Internet Commit Driver (BUILD games online!)
  • Journey to Ravenloft map pack by Micheal Shire
  • Gods map pack by Reactor and HeadHunter
That should keep you freaks entertained for a while.
Also, in other news, Tim Hale has begun production on WinBarf, a win32 version of the inimitable barf.exe that comes with your Blood Tools installation. At "press time", the program is not fit for upload, but he's working hard on it, and it will be finished soon.
Stay tuned to The ReBUILD Project site for the latest. .
Thursday, December 21, 2000 10:24:21 - Publishing rights for Duke Nukem Forever and the entire back catalog of Duke Nukem games has been aquired by G.O.D. Games Inc . Read the article here . Did I neglect to mention that Duke Nukem 3D was made with the BUILD engine? Can we use this to our advantage? Again, read the article here .
Friday, November 17, 2000 11:09:46 - I fixed an error on the .RFF info page. It seems that the culprit was a "<" symbol in the code, which as you know is also used in HTML tags. Also on that page, I fixed the email link to Matt Saettler.
Wednesday, November 15, 2000 14:49:31 - Matt Saettler has given me the info I and Mathieu requested on the .rff file format . I haven't found a place for it yet, but for now, click here .
Tuesday, November 14, 2000 14:23:12 - Been talking with Nick Newhard (formerly of Monolith and game designer for Blood) about the .RFF file format (see the FORUM post from my ReBUILD team mate, Mathieu). He proferred no info on that, but he DID tell me (vaguely) what he is working on. NO, it isn't Blood3; he is on a team working on a new Star Wars game! All is very hush hush. He wouldn't even tell me what part of the Star Wars universe it would involve.
As for the .RFF file format info; as I type this, I await responses from Matt Saettler and Jason Hall on the matter. A breif message from Jason suggested that he didn't even remember what the .RFF format was! Well, it has been 3 years since Blood's heyday. We'll see what Matt says.
Monday, November 13, 2000 20:15:40 - I was talking with Andrea at the Lith Store about the lack of Blood 1 pimpage over there. She said that they no longer sell Blood 1 from there, that we have to go to INFOGRAMES INC. if we want to get it back on the store shelves. Apparently I am not the only one getting emails asking where to find it; she gets like 5 every day! So I have forwarded her email to me over to Tom Richardson at INFOGRAMES .
Also, she posted on the FORUM recently, so watch for someone named "LithChick" - heh heh :]
Sunday, November 12, 2000 18:15:08 - I hope to soon be adding to the Progress section again. I am in talks with Tom Richardson of INFOGRAMES ENTERTAINMENT about who owns what. Things are looking promising people! Tom seems to really want to help us!
Also, there's been alot of talk recently of reverse-engineering Blood. In other words, use Ken Silverman's BUILD source code to make a Win32 exe that would run Blood using the available game data. Sounds good, but let's not jump the gun. We may yet get the Blood source code and we do NOT want to infringe upon copyright. Got an opinion on this matter? Go post in the FORUM !
Thursday, November 02, 2000 18:55:20 - Not only is the forum back up (yay!), but I have also fixed the Downloads section. Now you can download the Bodies conversion for Q2, or Ron Allen's Sounds List, or whatever else you want.
UPDATE(10:37 PM) -
Also found some more conversions of Blood DMs for other games on FilePlanet . I added them to the Downloads section and cleaned the page up a bit.
Tuesday, October 24, 2000 - OOPS.... sorry bout the forum... I screwed it up again.... I am working on it though.
Tuesday, October 24, 2000 - Maybe you guys have wondered if I gave up on this campaign. Well, no I haven't.

But I needed to take a break from it. The way we've been treated by Infogrames and GTI is so frustrating that I just had to remove myself from it for a while.
But the cause lived on while I was "away". I got 3-4 emails every week from NEW people, showing support for this campaign and telling me what they wanted to see Blood become.

The folks at Loki have all but finished their Linux-BUILD tools and engine by now, and my team, Tim Hale and Mathieu Olivier, have been diligent in their Win32-BUILD conversion as well.
But both groups express frustration at the fact that no BUILD games have had their sources released. Needless to say, BUILD itself is not exactly going to bring developers in droves, wanting to make their own games from scratch.

I have fixed the forum problem. Somehow a little bit of extra code ended up in there. Once it was commented out, the problem was gone.... now for some "bad news".
The forum has been cleaned out, as in "fresh start". All messages have been erased. Thank you to all who've contributed to it, but once in a while this must be done.
If I find that enough people want to see the old messages, I suppose it can be taken care of through a "Message Archive" feature, but I don't see why anyone would care - except for maybe wanting to read Matt Saettler's comments. Let me know , ok?

Sun, July. 10th 2000 - Matt Saettler had some answers for me about what we can/can't do for Blood with the BUILD source. See the Progress So Far section. The "interview" isn't over yet, but I've posted what I had as of the time I wrote this.
Sat, July. 1st 2000 - I am a lame-ass ignoramus(sp?). That self-insult almost rhymes, which also would make me even more of an idiot, I think. Allow me to explain. You know how I have often mentioned that CTF in Blood would be great? Well that is true. It would be, which is why it's been there all along, right from version 1.0. See Simon's post "CTF thing must be settled" and my contrite reply, in The Forum .
Mon, June. 26th 2000 - A couple little things. I have changed the "How Cool Could It Be?" Section into the "Source Port To-Do List". I will place in there any ideas that will help us to maximize Blood's potential. Suggestions are, of course, welcome. I also learned that GT Interactive is now somehow under the thumb of Infogrames Entertainment . I don't think that that means we will have yet ANOTHER company to deal with, but it did raise my eyebrow.
Thurs, June. 22nd 2000 - I have finally fixed the banners on this site. That should make you Gamespy lads happy. Also did some work on the Files Section , adding a couple of files, including, of course, the BUILD source code file.
On top of that, I have included a dynamic list of the top 10 Blood/Blood2 files. I am in discussions right now with Kenneth Stumpf (also known as radium , and the head honcho at FilePlanet ) on creating a Blood section over there at FP. Currently there is only a Blood2 section. I am to identify, for him, the Blood 1 files that exist at FilePlanet, as well as those that should be included. Any help from the blood community is welcome. Send any Blood 1 file info to me at: frightfan@hotmail.com . Include the link to the file (NOT the file itself) as well as what the file is/does.
Wed, June. 21st 2000 - This is actually a day late, but it's the best I could do. It is 4am, and I just got home from work. Here goes:

Go to the Files Section to download it. This does not solve everything yet. We still need the Blood-specific code from GTI, so let's not get lazy.
Wed, May. 17th 2000 - Very sorry for lack of news, but there isn't any real news to speak of. There are many who claim that Ken Silverman will finally release the BUILD source sometime this summer. As far as I know this could be wishful thinking or actual fact - here's hoping.
Just so that I actually keep my hand in this, I am going to be doing some minor adjustments to the site. I have revamped the menu a little, though most of you probably wouldn't notice. I also finally got rid of that damned poll. I'm sure no one will miss it :)
Fri, Dec. 17th - New Files Section added. Not much there yet. :) Sorry for the lack of updates, but life is intruding alot lately :)
Fri, Oct. 15th - I have been trying to get my poll to work, and just can't seem to. It just won't register my votes, so it looks as though no one has voted...
Does anyone know what I can do to get it working?
Fri, Oct. 15th - So much for the counter!!! What the hell happened??? I just lost, like 500 hits! :(
In other news, I have added a new section to this site. Upcoming Mods is where you can see what the mod-authoring community want to do with the source once it is released. Hopefully, this will keep things lively in the Forum until Mr. Silverman finally gives the word.
Sat, Sept. 25th - Great news from Scott Miller of 3D Realms regarding those utilities of theirs that we need for modding Blood. See the Progress section. This takes care of the first of many hurdles to come.
In other news: LOOK AT THAT COUNTER!!! I have over 1000 hits thanks to you guys! That, to me, is totally awesome.
Tues, Sept. 21st - A little tease from Nathan Pearce of GT Interactive has been added to the Progress section. The forum seems to be down.... hopefully not for long....and no, it isn't my fault this time :)
[Actually, the official Blood Forum seems to be down as well. Looks like WKYA-Undertaker's prophecy of a forum reset came true!]
Thurs, Sept. 16th - New interview with Matt Saettler in the Progress section. Some interesting posts in the forum from him, too, if you haven't been there to see them already. I also returned the links to those posts that I accidentally deleted a while back, so have a look at those, too. Speaking of links, I have added a couple to the Links section.
On a side note: I just discovered an old interview with Ken Silverman at Dukeworld. Check it out if you want to learn some more about the creation of the BUILD engine.
I am sorry for the lack of new stuff people, but I am afraid that no matter what I do, life does tend to intrude upon me sometimes : )
Friday, Sept. 3rd - Still working on that poll... I want it to look the way I want it to look, okay? ;P
Anyway... there is a VERY exciting post in the forum!!! Matt Saettler, Project Manager and Coder for Blood, has posted on various items regarding what we need to "modify" Blood - READ THE POST HERE . Also updated the Links section's layout and added a few new links as well.
Mon, August 30th - Sorry to everyone who posted on the forum yesterday and today: I seem to have uploaded the wrong index when I updated the layout. This means that the messages aren't deleted, but there aren't any links to them either, since it was the original index, not an updated one. I am going to leave it alone now, I promise : ) I am trying to get my poll going and I have registered it with Gamespy, but I can't seem to get it to work the way I want it to. If any of you can help me out, please email me at frightfan@hotmail.com . The earlier replication problems also seem to be corrected.
Sun, August 29th - Ok, the forum IS working, but I will probably change it's look when I can. The poll will have to wait. This "replication" problem is becoming a real bitch. I never get to see my updates until the NEXT DAY!!
[update:the situation has been remedied now]
Anyways, there is a little more to the Progress section today, thanks to J.A.B. and his keen news eyes.
Thurs, August 26th - Going to set up a forum and get the poll going (finally) . By the time anyone reads this, the forum should be up and running. I hope. There is a problem here at the Gamespy Network, with "replication". [whatever] Basically, it takes a while before what I upload will show in anyone's browser- including mine. Weird and I don't get it, but it's true. It means that I can't immediately see whether my updates are working as I intend them to. So please be patient, I have been assured by Gamespy Tech Support that things will be rectified ASAP.
Wed, August 25th - Getting settled at my new home at PlanetBlood. Thank you to the staff at The Gamespy Network and to Mugwum at PB. Still some things to sort out, but the site is as functional as it ever was. I did discover though, that Netscape Communicator doesn't display the site very well. The site was built on Internet Explorer 4, and is best viewed with that. I don't use Netscape, and the majority of you apparently don't either.
Mon, August 23rd - updated the Links section with links to Ken Silverman's Homepage, and Tha Blood Shack. I also sent Ken more email: you should too! (and be NICE about it)
Thurs, August 19th - updated the Progress section with more email.... from Jason Hall, CEO of Monolith and Scott Miller of 3DRealms. Things look a little brighter than they previously did. Added them to the Credits section. Changed some minor layout aspects of the site.... And finally! Mugwum says that PlanetBlood will indeed host this site. Scrumptious!
Mon, August 16th - updated the music so that it loops the tunes. The music will automatically (and randomly) change after six minutes and ten seconds... the length of the longest track. The Progress Section has been updated, and also reformatted, so that the posts now go newest to oldest, top to bottom.
Sat, August 14th - updated the Progress section with more email.... I tried another email to Joe Siegler... I hope I don't piss the guy off.
Fri, August 13th - updated the Progress section with more emails.... maybe Friday the 13th isn't the best day to talk to 3DRealms.
Wed, August 11th - updated the menu and music. The site is now optimized for screen resolutions of 1024x768 or higher. Anything less, and the menu gets scrunched, as do certain sections of the site.